Летопись Великой Победы

Сердцем и памятью

На территории нашей Республики находится более 40 тысяч мест памяти времён Великой Отечественной войны, однако мало кто знает их историю, а тем более не может даже представить, что пришлось пережить нашим предкам.

Этим проектом мы хотим дать людям возможность узнать историю этих мест и окунуться в воспоминания солдат и свидетелей-участников войны.

Community project

Save History

There are more than 40 thousand monuments and burial places of the Great Patriotic War in Belarus. As part of the "Save History" project, it is planned to digitize all memorable places dedicated to the events of the most tragic and bloody war in our long-suffering land.

Special information steles with QR codes will be placed in 118 regional centers, which will help to transfer a person to the platform with one movement of the hand, where you can listen to an audio recording with the history of this place, read more about all the events that took place there, or even watch a historical video. At the moment, a lot of work is underway and preparations are underway for the launch of this large-scale republican project.

Community project

Under a peaceful

This project started on May 9, 2021, when the first "time capsules" were laid by the Patriots. As part of this project, we are planting arborvitae throughout the Republic in the form of a five-pointed star, which will later be visible from the air, with the laying of a "time capsule" - a message from veteran warriors to their descendants, as well as messages from rally participants to their heirs.

The main idea of this project is to keep the connection between generations and leave the history in the memory of the heirs.

Community project

Step into history

In May 2021, a military-historical festival was held for the first time on the territory of the Brest Fortress with a reconstruction of the battle, educational quests and interactive platforms.

On an ongoing basis, within the framework of this project, such a type of patriotic education as interactive history lessons is being implemented.

Our reenactors organize unique expositions on the territory of schools, consisting of genuine historical items that allow you to learn more about the history of our country.